Protect Your Privacy

Locks Your Computer When You Leave. Unlocks It When You Return.

Protect your privacy

Protecting your corporate data. GK-Chain allows employees to protect company assets. Sign in and out of computers just by walking away and returning.

Locks your PC or Mac as you walk away

With the GateKeeper's auto-lock ability, computer privacy has become nothing but an afterthought. GK-Chain protects PCs and Macs in hospitals, workplaces, dorms, and many other places. Snooping friends have finally met their match.

Duals as a Bluetooth Location Tracker

With the GateKeeper Android and iOS apps, never waste time looking for that thing that always gets lost. Track it down or set an alert for when items are out of range.

In The News

OxGadgets ".... I found that the software and the apps were fairly simple and easy to use."
UMD Right Now "... effortless security for your computer when you walk away, and easy access when you return."
DiamondBack "Facebook hijacking might become a thing of the past."
Geek Insider "A way to prevent future embarrassments and unwelcome snooping."
Gadget Review "This is particularly useful because offices are bearing down, especially in light of security breaches picking up steam, on locking your computer."

Tech Specs

The USB Lock and GateKeeper Chain work together to automatically lock and unlock your computer based on your proximity.

GateKeeper Technical Specifications
GateKeeper USB Lock and GateKeeper Key
Compatibility Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Mac OS X
Mobile App Android 4.3 and above, iOS 7.0 and above
Battery Life 3 - 6 months (CR2032H Battery)
Range 0 - 100 feet
Security AES Encryption for wireless data interactions
Wireless Bluetooth 4.0
Size and Weight 45mm x 25mm x 7mm and only 10 grams

Meet The GateKeeper App

Keep track of your valuables with the GateKeeper smartphone app.


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