Protect Your Privacy

Handsfree Access Control Device Locks Your Computer When You Leave. Unlocks It When You Return.

Protect your privacy

Protecting your corporate data, GateKeeper allows employees to protect company assets. GateKeeper protects PCs and Macs in hospitals, workplaces, dorms and many other locations. Snooping strangers and friends have finally met their match.

Locks your computer as you walk away

With the GateKeeper's auto-lock ability, computer privacy becomes an afterthought. Sign in and out of computers just by walking away and returning.

Duals as a Bluetooth Location Tracker

Stop wasting time looking for lost items. The GateKeeper helps track down your devices and set alarms for when items are out of range.

In The News

Linus Tech Tips "The app is super-simple to install and set up on your computer..."
Eli the Computer Guy "With the GateKeeper access key you do not have to worry about passwords anymore"
Clay County Information Services "5 Stars - Works great to keep workstations secure."
Ryan Flick (Amazon Top 500 Reviewer) "5 Stars - Very convenient, yet secure"
Amazon Top 50 Reviewer "5 Stars - Great for law enforcement..."

GateKeeper for Enterprise

The GateKeeper enterprise solution allows network administrators to manage distributed GateKeeper deployments.

GateKeeper Enterprise
  • Manage all GateKeepers on a network
  • Central administrator console
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multi-user mode
  • Event Logs

  • Please contact us at for more information.

    Tech Specs

    The USB Lock and GateKeeper Chain work together to automatically lock and unlock your computer based on your proximity.

    GateKeeper Technical Specifications
    GateKeeper USB Lock and Keyfob
    Compatibility Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10; Mac OS X
    App Android 4.3+, iOS 7.0+
    Battery Life 6 months (CR2032 battery)
    Range 30 feet
    Wireless Bluetooth 4
    Size and Weight 45mm x 25mm x 6mm; 10gm
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    Meet The GateKeeper App

    Keep track of your valuables with the GateKeeper smartphone app.


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