Locks your PC when you leave

Protect Your Work

The GateKeeper is a Bluetooth 4.0 powered key fob that automatically logs you off of your PC when taken out of proximity from your computer. Just like you have a key to your house and a key to your home, we introduce the key to your computer.

No Lost Keys

The GateKeeper comes with additional features that may as well be considered products on their own. Our free app will warn you when you are leaving your keys behind.

Watch our kickstarter video!

GateKeeper Operation

The GateKeeper tracks the location of the key using a proprietary signal strength algorithm and locks/unlocks your computer based on where you are.

Is it secure? GateKeeper uses a modulating, encrypted connection to enable only a unique key to interface with the lock. The password is encrypted and stored on the computer itself – So no one can steal it.

There are all kinds of interesting and fun applications for GateKeeper.

  • Office: Keep snooping co-workers at bay from accessing your computer.
  • Dorms: Don't let your friends change your Facebook status... again!
  • Home: Protect your PC from siblings and parents alike.
  • Coffee Shop: Outside with your laptop? Ensure your privacy.

Technical Specifications


Bluetooth 4.0 (aka Bluetooth SMART and Bluetooth Low Energy)


AES Encryption for wireless data communication

Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (Mac OS X will be supported in future versions)

Battery Life

3 to 6 months


0 to 100 feet


20mm x 36mm x 5mm and weighing a mere 4 grams

People behind this amazing project

Stefan Giroux

Technology Mastermind

Jonathan Flores

Creative Director

Alexander Lee

Business Development

Siddharth Potbhare

Team Leader

Pearl Jinju

Marketing Master